This weekend I learned a lot of things while I was working, one of those things is that all of the efforts you make, become in awards for you. It doesn’t matter if you have to wait, worth the waiting!!!

I introduce you Laura Trujillo Raboso, the model of this weekend, she is a very good singer, dancer, and of course an special model. We had good moments near Malasaña during the photo-session. Thanks to her parents for being so adorable and thanks for their autorization to let me publish the photographies. Here you can find more of that sweet young lady: Laura Trujillo Raboso’s Instagram

Graffiti Style

Vintage Laura


Her bag


Laura Colours

Streetstyle Laura



Trujillo Raboso

In the way of studying Fashion Photography and in love with the caramel tea, music with trumpets, travel with my old bicycle, chocolate, kids and animals, cherries, festivals and concerts, milkshakes, flowers, tattoos, read, cinema, the sea...

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