Malasaña sailed by Silhouettes.

This weekend I couldn’t stop for a second, I was planning to get some rest, and that was impossible, mission failed. Yesterday was a very good ending for the week. First I had the opportunity to work with two friends of mine. Almudena, who I adore so much and met when I was younger, we used to play basketball together at the local team; and also one of my best friends, Sandra, we know each other since we were 8 years old. It was absolutely lovely and fantastic to work with the two models, they were very professional, funny and sensitive, but when I finished the photo-session I was very tired and then, it is Monday again.

Malasaña sailed by Silhouettes, dreams & memories from the past and thoughts to the future.

Model: Martina Simó

Pin Almu

Casual Fuencarral!!

My photogenic

Super San

Sil San

Sil Almu

Silhouettes Ambas

Dots Peep Toes

Almu tree

Tribunal Rockers

Wood Shoes Ring


Rockers San

Granvia Ladies

Marinerita boina


❤ Thank you so much my friends, I’m very happy to see you again this summer.

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