Night Flashes

This is exactly what happens when in the middle of a photoshoot you read a message from your boss saying: Nuria you shine, you know that. Your self-esteem (which usually has “her” own life) considers seriously obey and tries to concentrate to reach the 99%. The other 1% is about searching other souls to connect with.

This is the result of a very special night photo-session with a recent friend called ”Thayná Diamond”, she is a wonderful singer, she usually sings cover songs with her guitar and that voice…She shines too. Here you can find her Youtube Channel: Thaynás Videos, Songs & Covers. Also as you can see it she is a very good model, you can see more of her pictures on her Instagram: Thayná’s Instagram.

She had!



Thaina Tatoo!

Libertad II!


Grunge Retro!

Nocturna Thay!



Thanks for all sweetie ❤ and good work! You know, positive vibrations!!!

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