I was thinking about the escape,

meanwhile she was confirming my dreams

weaving them into macabre places near paradise.

Pulp CensuratedRest Rest of myLa Mala Vida EDITCabaret!Survivemala vidaCelofan CensuratedPas a PasRoarrrShe used to play with unicornsPulp MagazinesAiramjahThe Escape CENSURATED White

La Mala Vida Tattoo Moncloa

Model: Airamjah (Suicide Girls)

Make up artist: San

Photography & Style: Madrid sailed by silhouettes

and in special coordination with Orlando and of course, my husband Steve ❤ 😉

In the way of studying Fashion Photography and in love with the caramel tea, music with trumpets, travel with my old bicycle, chocolate, kids and animals, cherries, festivals and concerts, milkshakes, flowers, tattoos, read, cinema, the sea...

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