Under that bridge with all the souls we nearly reach,

Maybe we felt like in the sweet 20’s.

PatsPrettyIMG_2412IMG_2381San PinIMG_2222cover blogIMG_2400IMG_2494ManoIMG_2473IMG_2237IMG_2491IMG_2434Bridge UnderIMG_2452IMG_2388IMG_2350IMG_2563IMG_2548IMG_2554IMG_2259IMG_2323Pins B&NStyle PinVampiresIMG_2212IMG_2416IMG_2362CactusIMG_2424IMG_2565

Thank you all these sweet ladies, thank you to Lily for being a very professional Pin Up make up artist 😉 Thank you to Martina Simó 🙂

In the way of studying Fashion Photography and in love with the caramel tea, music with trumpets, travel with my old bicycle, chocolate, kids and animals, cherries, festivals and concerts, milkshakes, flowers, tattoos, read, cinema, the sea...

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