You said flowers twice and I appeared.

You said flowers twice and I appeared,

you were a big soul model in transition of fears…

So we made a big deal:

Say flowers once again and my camera will disappear.

IMG_3277IMG_3316IMG_3307IMG_3333IMG_3301IMG_3291IMG_3328IMG_3286IMG_3305IMG_3299colour loreIMG_3395lady of the flowersFINAL

Thank you to Nancy Berrocal Delgado ”Floristería El Amor y La Amistad”, in the Place Tirso de Molina. Don’t hesitate to visit her and her beautiful flowers 😉

Streetstyle Model: Lorena

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  1. otcolorfulside says:

    This is beautiful! Your photographs are very lovely as well!

    Daisi Ari

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh! Thank you very much I directly went to your page and read your about me and you seems to me a very friendly and also interesting person to connect with 😉


  2. With these words the King of the Foxes disappeared, and in the evening many thousand foxes brought the mare to the Prince.


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