The Mental Architect

Between his legs, the little mental architect sighed no words. She thought with her body: “What a good luck that your bed exists” And it was so sincere and concise that the bed sheets enveloped the two bodies creating a barrier of intimacy, several times violated by light rays of morning atmosphere, mainly narrative.

The shadows that projected both bodies through the thin and discolored cloth, barely allowed me to idealize the misallocated struggle of egos that occurred on stage.

My extradiegetic presence was reduced only to contemplate the characters of the plot, feeling strange and nervous, I approached the wall and like a magnet for my subconscious, until months after being cemented, there always was waiting me, here was my crack.

Mental Architect - MadridsailedbysilhouettesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Thank’s to @toomanyflash, with no camera no rooftops 😉

Model: @roxet201

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