About Me:

A few years ago, I developed a passion playing with light. Since childhood I was struck by the colours and therefore claimed to be colorist. Over time I have had the chance to practice slowly until I could say that I am, I am a photographer, one of thousands who dreams of missed opportunities to grow up and have my own place in the artistic and visual panorama. I also love writing, although that may already be another story. This idea concerns my personal point of view about the photosessions I’m working on and some pictures that I like which are related to my passion through the light and colours.

 Nuria by Pelillosderatón

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  1. Congratulations friend. Keep it up , your blog is extraordinary.

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  2. nowithoutstyle says:

    ¡Hola! Me alegro de que te hayas pasado por mi blog, muchas gracias por el comentario. Te sigo por aquí 🙂

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  3. Rafael Buzón Benjumea says:

    Hola Nuria, soy Rafa del curso: Dices en el poema “que los sentimientos no tienen palabras”. Tu sin embargo has puesto palabras a tus sentimientos, magníficamente. Pienso que tienes una muy buena vena artística. Enhorabuena.

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