When Autumn Seems to fade

You were the lord of the renegance when the autumn seems to fade, you can’t run away.   Check Alternative Agency site ❤ Alternative Model: Kevin

Eternal Cuteness

That’s what we called an eternal cuteness… Thank’s to Alternative Agency for the shooting with this beautiful new faces Stylism by Abati 93  

I couldn’t remember her face

She told me her name, but I forgot it twice. She waited me undressed but I was abduced by the memories, unless she came over to show me herself side…I was struck for the powerful madness that I couldn’t remember her face. Alternative Model: Leo Favaro coming soon to Alternativ Agency


Alternativ Models Agency ”The therm alternative was ok, to redefine thoughts”

Creepy Mind

Your last word was: I thought you weren’t such a creepy mind. <3Thanks to Alternativ Agency Models: Rosen & Jorge S.

When we should

”When we should” Gorgeous team: Alternative Model Little Mirror Fashion Designer Abati93 Make up Artist & Hair style Tatí Garú Photography Madrid sailed by silhouettes by Nu Tólcheff

Her beautiful eyes

Her beautiful eyes scared me, seeing me beyond my soul. Alternative Model: Lorenish

The next spring Monday

Model: @hasm6 Make up Artist: @claudiaguzman_88 Stylism:@tamara_es Too Many Flash: @toomanyflash

When a life starts..

When a life starts…Maybe two lives change too. Model & Make up Artist: María

Maybe will not

Maybe will not be together anymore. Anaïs you were nothing behind, don’t back to me!   Model: Jiaying Li Make up Artist: María


Seriously she said: ”I swore I would never been so sure” Seriously he said: ”I have never been so scared”

Lets start!

Model: @itsjadeturner Stylism: @zara.garo Make up Artist & Hair style: @alvaaro_10 In: @toomanyflash

He will

Model: @yevgeniy_botika from @francinamodels Make up artist: @llamamediablamakeupartist In: @toomanyflash