Because she never swore

”She argue me everytime I say words, dust everything, polluting thoughts. Never mind I ask for rescue..because she never swore.” Photography: Lucía Alonso (@pelillosderaton)


When I arrived to the floor, the situation was hostile to me. I felt cordial and eager to live but I thought of the large windows of eighteen floors of free fall and feeling identified, to fly between the four walls. The planets beat hard on my skin while I cried in the first hours….

The Mental Architect

My extradiegetic presence was reduced only to contemplate the characters of the plot, feeling strange and nervous, I approached the wall and like a magnet for my subconscious, until months after being cemented, there always was waiting me, here was my crack.

Even if

Photoshoot with my friend Martina Simó, trying with Strobist at a Parking in Tres Cantos, Madrid.


I was surprised. Flashback. You landed, tropical dreams drag behind. Disappearing my future beyond the line. Disappearing memories. Hard to say goodbye. Hard to stay alive sometimes. Too Many Flash Editorial

Three or four planets

Check out our first artistic fashion editorial about planets! nuria-fernandez-tolcheff-a-naked-body-beneath-the-clothes

Sunrise Overcame

And the sunrise was overcame… My perfect holidays were finished again.

Because this planet was not enough to travel

Sometimes she swore she would never think about processing times, she swore never to regret her decision line. Because this planet was not enough to travel, that summer her mind roved around others.

Separing life from death

As distanced rays  separing life from death, my weakened mind suffered again and again. Light trumpets unhooked my presence, that sounded strident clarifying the deep voices from nowhere. Model: Martina Simó

Spring Asthenia

Invaded by the spring Asthenia old candles were burning very slowly, the answer was running up different voices…Meanwhile my accelerated process (called turning dreams into projects) was dragged by the wind. Although sometimes looked paralyzed, my mind silently grown new blossoms.  

She was pretty without pretensions

“She was pretty without pretensions, until the moment she had them, created, expanded and multiply and then never could stop this metastasis.” This is one of my friend’s new proyect, I hope you really enjoy it! Let’s be happier blog  (CLICK HERE!!!)

I evaporated myself

“Today, I’m redrawing on my back what she has drawn, I am a kind of concious air today, when I used to change, I evaporated myself, I burned easily and climbed up dispersing through myself” ❤ Thanks to my husband for those wonderful portraits ❤ he is a very good photographer 🙂