Fading out tales that sometimes ended in a hand

Sailing this streets that never swore, I met your silhouette. That’s why once a talent could shine, fading out tales that sometimes ended in a hand, because the heart hidden beats more when you finish the name, your mouth reclames my stupid vein.   BMX rider: Secko

Skate & Destroy

”Skate & Destroy” Alternative Model: Sara Stylism: Conflict Skateboarders Shop


While we did a brainstorm my mind sank inside without reaching the place to hide but having the ideas to the depart. Model: Perita en durse


”Never forgot, she swore…Essence”   Model: Ruan C.

Bad Broken Day

Bad Broken Day we had to played. Madrid – Streetstyle with @bondielmasmejor ❤


He was stirring flames to tears, and slowly against disappear.. Stunning @manuloserkid Wearing LPM Fashion Brand @lospecosmutantes

The East street

”One step behind, down stairs in the right door, three or four opportunities, never could follow The East street” Streetstyle – Matadero – March 2017 Thank you to: Too Many Flash Escolar & Nasra Claudia Guzman Miriama Becikova

Our streets

My street is also yours. Model: @nicolssaroukhan

Underground places inside

Alternative Model & Make up Artist: Elena Tanner López Madrid sailed by silhouettes is a story about my husband and me through the photography

Urban sight

When the body meets your urban sight Model: Víctor Benítez Make up Artist: Esther López Ruiz Thanks to: www.toomanyflash.com

Elegant Minds

Elegant minds Models: Jonathan J. Jaimes & Steven Casagui Bow ties by Lola Victoria & Pajaritas Lola Victoria Instagram Production: Adri Thank’s to: La Maison de Poupée Vintage Store

She didn’t know yet

”She was really pretty but she didn’t know yet” Musician: Sonia Cello (Costa Rica <3)

They told me after throw me to the lights of the city

Be brave! They told me after throw me to the lights of the city. As long as I could remember, I decided to find an oasis of calm for summer refuge, asphalt and poison, the poison that burns when the city lights seem to fade. Model & Fashion Blogger: Santi Pérez Vázquez from El Vestidor de…