I was surprised. Flashback. You landed, tropical dreams drag behind. Disappearing my future beyond the line. Disappearing memories. Hard to say goodbye. Hard to stay alive sometimes. Too Many Flash Editorial

The next spring Monday

Model: @hasm6 Make up Artist: @claudiaguzman_88 Stylism:@tamara_es Too Many Flash: @toomanyflash

When a life starts..

When a life starts…Maybe two lives change too. Model & Make up Artist: María

Maybe will not

Maybe will not be together anymore. Anaïs you were nothing behind, don’t back to me!   Model: Jiaying Li Make up Artist: María

Maybe will

Model: @steven.cloverboy Make up Artist: @gemuxi_91


Seriously she said: ”I swore I would never been so sure” Seriously he said: ”I have never been so scared”

Three or four planets

Check out our first artistic fashion editorial about planets! nuria-fernandez-tolcheff-a-naked-body-beneath-the-clothes

Our streets

My street is also yours. Model: @nicolssaroukhan

Underground places inside

Alternative Model & Make up Artist: Elena Tanner López Madrid sailed by silhouettes is a story about my husband and me through the photography

Lets start!

Model: @itsjadeturner Stylism: @zara.garo Make up Artist & Hair style: @alvaaro_10 In: @toomanyflash