“Being a story is hard when the words are real, they are cornered in the upper part of the soul because they still hurt. The tales she told contained feelings, tactile as her skin, soft as a torn velvet and bitter as yesterday. She wasted stories and narrated her thoughts, tropical, wild, heeled. Dragged by…


”Skateoholics”   Alternative Model: Alonso Gómez Stylism: Conflict Skateboarders Madrid

When Autumn Seems to fade

You were the lord of the renegance when the autumn seems to fade, you can’t run away.   Check Alternative Agency site ❤ Alternative Model: Kevin

I couldn’t remember her face

She told me her name, but I forgot it twice. She waited me undressed but I was abduced by the memories, unless she came over to show me herself side…I was struck for the powerful madness that I couldn’t remember her face. Alternative Model: Leo Favaro coming soon to Alternativ Agency


Alternativ Models Agency ”The therm alternative was ok, to redefine thoughts”

Creepy Mind

Your last word was: I thought you weren’t such a creepy mind. <3Thanks to Alternativ Agency Models: Rosen & Jorge S.

Because she never swore

”She argue me everytime I say words, dust everything, polluting thoughts. Never mind I ask for rescue..because she never swore.” Photography: Lucía Alonso (@pelillosderaton)

She stole those smiles

”He collected smiles in his pocket, she stole those smiles.” Models: Laura Snuff & Daniel del Valle Fernández Make up Artists: Silvia & Mayte from Make up expression

Underground places inside

Alternative Model & Make up Artist: Elena Tanner López Madrid sailed by silhouettes is a story about my husband and me through the photography

A million ways to sit down and read them

From the underground voices we needed to gain. The war was on the texts she wanted to write. Two magazines, that complained because of characters in troubles, her short-story about planets and a million ways to sit down and read them. Alternative Model & Make Up Artist: Airamjah (Suicide Girls) Model: Martina Simó Stylist & Hair Style: Celeste…

She never asked for the key or the gun

”As they told me, she never asked for the key or the gun…” Alternative Model & Make Up Artist: Airamjah (Suicide Girls) Model: Martina Simó Stylist & Hair Style: Celeste Mür (also visit her Youtube Channel) Click Here! Photography & Production: Madrid sailed by silhouettes Team ❤ Thank you to: Tommy Mel’s (Calle Hortaleza 34)

And then together disappeared…

”The key was in his pocket when she closed the door. And then together disappeared…” Alternative & Boudoir Model: Laura Hidalgo Lupiañez Make up & Hair Style: Gemma García Santiago Photographers: Madrid sailed by silhouettes Team ❤

Winter Creatures

This cold morning we decided to go to a park, to capture looks and features with beautiful creatures in the land. Not all the people are open minded to see the beauty in the alternative fashion, however if you want to try, maybe you will be able to cross the radical fashionable line and get…