Alternativ Models Agency ”The therm alternative was ok, to redefine thoughts”

Because she never swore

”She argue me everytime I say words, dust everything, polluting thoughts. Never mind I ask for rescue..because she never swore.” Photography: Lucía Alonso (@pelillosderaton)


”Never forgot, she swore…Essence”   Model: Ruan C.

The Mental Architect

My extradiegetic presence was reduced only to contemplate the characters of the plot, feeling strange and nervous, I approached the wall and like a magnet for my subconscious, until months after being cemented, there always was waiting me, here was my crack.

Even if

Photoshoot with my friend Martina Simó, trying with Strobist at a Parking in Tres Cantos, Madrid.


Seriously she said: ”I swore I would never been so sure” Seriously he said: ”I have never been so scared”

Underground places inside

Alternative Model & Make up Artist: Elena Tanner López Madrid sailed by silhouettes is a story about my husband and me through the photography

He will

Model: @yevgeniy_botika from @francinamodels Make up artist: @llamamediablamakeupartist In: @toomanyflash

Sometimes it happens

Changes, sometimes it happens. Model: Teresa Peiroten Thanks to: Too Many Flash

Frail youth

Frail youth that was made of powerful pieces… Alternative Model: Silvia Thanks to: Too Many Flash & Manu

When the unrreality seems so real

”I found her where when the unrreality seems so real” Second time in the studio with Too Many Flash Model: (Francina Models) Henar Barbacid Stylism: Zara Garo Make up & Hair Style: Oana Silvina

Panic at the Studio

That morning was totally: ”Panic at the Studio” My first practice at Too Many Flash Model: Andrea


I met a kind of women I used to call Vampirellas. They are dangerous because of the power of seduction. Nothing to do when she catch you with her hypnotic eyes, paralysed, you can’t run away. Alternative Models: Mariposas & Lady Evil Make up Artist & Hair style: Gemma García Make up Thanks to: La Mano Zurda Tattoo Studio Photographers:…

Elegant Minds

Elegant minds Models: Jonathan J. Jaimes & Steven Casagui Bow ties by Lola Victoria & Pajaritas Lola Victoria Instagram Production: Adri Thank’s to: La Maison de Poupée Vintage Store