Because she never swore

”She argue me everytime I say words, dust everything, polluting thoughts. Never mind I ask for rescue..because she never swore.” Photography: Lucía Alonso (@pelillosderaton)

When we should

”When we should” Gorgeous team: Alternative Model Little Mirror Fashion Designer Abati93 Make up Artist & Hair style Tatí Garú Photography Madrid sailed by silhouettes by Nu Tólcheff


I met a kind of women I used to call Vampirellas. They are dangerous because of the power of seduction. Nothing to do when she catch you with her hypnotic eyes, paralysed, you can’t run away. Alternative Models: Mariposas & Lady Evil Make up Artist & Hair style: Gemma García Make up Thanks to: La Mano Zurda Tattoo Studio Photographers:…

Elegant Minds

Elegant minds Models: Jonathan J. Jaimes & Steven Casagui Bow ties by Lola Victoria & Pajaritas Lola Victoria Instagram Production: Adri Thank’s to: La Maison de Poupée Vintage Store

She didn’t know yet

”She was really pretty but she didn’t know yet” Musician: Sonia Cello (Costa Rica <3)

A million ways to sit down and read them

From the underground voices we needed to gain. The war was on the texts she wanted to write. Two magazines, that complained because of characters in troubles, her short-story about planets and a million ways to sit down and read them. Alternative Model & Make Up Artist: Airamjah (Suicide Girls) Model: Martina Simó Stylist & Hair Style: Celeste…

And then together disappeared…

”The key was in his pocket when she closed the door. And then together disappeared…” Alternative & Boudoir Model: Laura Hidalgo Lupiañez Make up & Hair Style: Gemma García Santiago Photographers: Madrid sailed by silhouettes Team ❤

A little walk down

Curious things in town, Madrid in the evening is pretty to have a little walk down.

They told me after throw me to the lights of the city

Be brave! They told me after throw me to the lights of the city. As long as I could remember, I decided to find an oasis of calm for summer refuge, asphalt and poison, the poison that burns when the city lights seem to fade. Model & Fashion Blogger: Santi Pérez Vázquez from El Vestidor de…

Sunrise Overcame

And the sunrise was overcame… My perfect holidays were finished again.

She was confused climbing visual trips

She remembered always rewind before next step, she remembered to never give up after last step. She was confused climbing visual trips… Thanks to this pretty pin up model, you can follow Laura Luna and see more of her universe!

Because this planet was not enough to travel

Sometimes she swore she would never think about processing times, she swore never to regret her decision line. Because this planet was not enough to travel, that summer her mind roved around others.

Separing life from death

As distanced rays  separing life from death, my weakened mind suffered again and again. Light trumpets unhooked my presence, that sounded strident clarifying the deep voices from nowhere. Model: Martina Simó