Fading out tales that sometimes ended in a hand

Sailing this streets that never swore, I met your silhouette. That’s why once a talent could shine, fading out tales that sometimes ended in a hand, because the heart hidden beats more when you finish the name, your mouth reclames my stupid vein.   BMX rider: Secko


While we did a brainstorm my mind sank inside without reaching the place to hide but having the ideas to the depart. Model: Perita en durse


”Never forgot, she swore…Essence”   Model: Ruan C.

Bad Broken Day

Bad Broken Day we had to played. Madrid – Streetstyle with @bondielmasmejor ❤


He was stirring flames to tears, and slowly against disappear.. Stunning @manuloserkid Wearing LPM Fashion Brand @lospecosmutantes

The East street

”One step behind, down stairs in the right door, three or four opportunities, never could follow The East street” Streetstyle – Matadero – March 2017 Thank you to: Too Many Flash Escolar & Nasra Claudia Guzman Miriama Becikova

She didn’t know yet

”She was really pretty but she didn’t know yet” Musician: Sonia Cello (Costa Rica <3)

A million ways to sit down and read them

From the underground voices we needed to gain. The war was on the texts she wanted to write. Two magazines, that complained because of characters in troubles, her short-story about planets and a million ways to sit down and read them. Alternative Model & Make Up Artist: Airamjah (Suicide Girls) Model: Martina Simó Stylist & Hair Style: Celeste…

They told me after throw me to the lights of the city

Be brave! They told me after throw me to the lights of the city. As long as I could remember, I decided to find an oasis of calm for summer refuge, asphalt and poison, the poison that burns when the city lights seem to fade. Model & Fashion Blogger: Santi Pérez Vázquez from El Vestidor de…

She was confused climbing visual trips

She remembered always rewind before next step, she remembered to never give up after last step. She was confused climbing visual trips… Thanks to this pretty pin up model, you can follow Laura Luna and see more of her universe!

Strangers in Madrid (Part III)

Madrid is full of urban fashion styles and nice people wearing them. This fact always inspire us, because fashion is an amazing art. Thank you all for the pictures, you were absolutely lovely. Here you can check : ”Strangers in Madrid” (Part I) ”Strangers in Madrid” (Part II)

Visualizing the fate of Spring

About this last days I almost leave my own person to become a kind of collective concious mind. I couldn’t stand anymore the social injustices, sometimes I forget my limits but Spring always reminds me who I am, and why I’m supposed to fight against (in my own way) one more year. So visualizing the…