I couldn’t remember her face

She told me her name, but I forgot it twice. She waited me undressed but I was abduced by the memories, unless she came over to show me herself side…I was struck for the powerful madness that I couldn’t remember her face. Alternative Model: Leo Favaro coming soon to Alternativ Agency


Alternativ Models Agency ”The therm alternative was ok, to redefine thoughts”

Creepy Mind

Your last word was: I thought you weren’t such a creepy mind. <3Thanks to Alternativ Agency Models: Rosen & Jorge S.

Because she never swore

”She argue me everytime I say words, dust everything, polluting thoughts. Never mind I ask for rescue..because she never swore.” Photography: Lucía Alonso (@pelillosderaton)

Bad Broken Day

Bad Broken Day we had to played. Madrid – Streetstyle with @bondielmasmejor ❤


When I arrived to the floor, the situation was hostile to me. I felt cordial and eager to live but I thought of the large windows of eighteen floors of free fall and feeling identified, to fly between the four walls. The planets beat hard on my skin while I cried in the first hours….


I met a kind of women I used to call Vampirellas. They are dangerous because of the power of seduction. Nothing to do when she catch you with her hypnotic eyes, paralysed, you can’t run away. Alternative Models: Mariposas & Lady Evil Make up Artist & Hair style: Gemma García Make up Thanks to: La Mano Zurda Tattoo Studio Photographers:…

A million ways to sit down and read them

From the underground voices we needed to gain. The war was on the texts she wanted to write. Two magazines, that complained because of characters in troubles, her short-story about planets and a million ways to sit down and read them. Alternative Model & Make Up Artist: Airamjah (Suicide Girls) Model: Martina Simó Stylist & Hair Style: Celeste…

She never asked for the key or the gun

”As they told me, she never asked for the key or the gun…” Alternative Model & Make Up Artist: Airamjah (Suicide Girls) Model: Martina Simó Stylist & Hair Style: Celeste Mür (also visit her Youtube Channel) Click Here! Photography & Production: Madrid sailed by silhouettes Team ❤ Thank you to: Tommy Mel’s (Calle Hortaleza 34)

And then together disappeared…

”The key was in his pocket when she closed the door. And then together disappeared…” Alternative & Boudoir Model: Laura Hidalgo Lupiañez Make up & Hair Style: Gemma García Santiago Photographers: Madrid sailed by silhouettes Team ❤

Definitely, erotic and open minds

From the deepest darkness we went through the light, Making the straight sense to avoid confuse ourselves, We nearly reach that land, free and dreamers definitely, open minds. Model: Elia Midnight Make up & Hair Style: Paz García Location: Criminals Tattoo Madriz Madrid sailed by silhouettes team ❤

Inimitable Coexistence

Last winter days we could count with a friend’s help, my chaotic decline to the spring gave us some good liberties as the bigger up stairs to go ahead to a new fringe. Liberties like reminding the past not to forget our inimitable coexistence. ❤ Model & Logo Artist:  Nuria Sanz Troyano   

Captured Butterflies

She was looking for empty rooms where find to capture beautiful butterflies, that are sometimes lost through dense smog. La Mala Vida Tattoo Moncloa Model: Ana Mariposas Photography & Style: Madrid sailed by silhouettes team Piercer Artist: Orlando

The Escape

I was thinking about the escape, meanwhile she was confirming my dreams weaving them into macabre places near paradise. La Mala Vida Tattoo Moncloa Model: Airamjah (Suicide Girls) Make up artist: San Photography & Style: Madrid sailed by silhouettes and in special coordination with Orlando and of course, my husband Steve ❤ 😉